Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Archive for the Fringe Factory Radio Show on WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban!

We are the Fringe Factory Radio Show, and you can find us every Wednesday evening at 8pm HERE!

Join us in the Ichiban chat room at 8pm on Wednesdays during our broadcast!
Go to WFMU.org Just below the main image you'll see a list of the streams and shows now playing. Find Ichiban and you'll see a small link to the playlist and comments. Click that and you'll be in!

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The Fringe Factory Radio Show moved from local Atlanta station AM1690 to WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban in New York! Older shows are archived HERE Newer shows can be found below:

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Fringe Factory's first show for Ichiban featuring the Sorrows, Subsonics, Seeds and much more!

We All Love Peanut Butter Dr. Specs Optical Illusion, the Neumans, Ar-Kaics, Dave Clark V, Vindicators and so many more of your faves from the 60's-now!

Hello Josephine, do you like the Fringe Factory? The Scorpions, Watchchildren, Bit A Sweet, Jimmy Page - freakbeat, garage, psych...we got it all!

The Reality of Air Fringe Fried Fringe Factory we get fringin' fried with the Driving Stupid, Music Machine & Way Y Los Arrrrghs while we scratch that garage itch with the Critch

The Fringe Factory's Harem Scare 'em show full of frightfully ferocious FUZZ! with Larry & The Blue Notes, The Sonics, the Chesterfield Kings and so much more!

Greg Cartwright is our special guest! A selection of songs from the Reigning Sound, Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers and some 60's garage!

Get Down with the Fringe Factory! featuring 60's rhythm & blues, garage, psych, and freakbeat - old and new bands!

Fringe Factory celebrates Bad Hair Cuts with the Neumans! Orange County California's Neumans, Germany's Udo Arndt and the Safebreakers, Australia's Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys, the UK's Pretty Things and Les Grys Grys from France. And buy a Neuman's record. Rex needs the money to pay the barber...

It's A Marshmallow World featuring the Marshmallow Overcoat, C-O-L-O-R-S, ? & Mysterians, Ar-Kaics and many more acifified garage pounders from yesterday & today

It's A Holiday Happening! Merry Garage-Mess! It's an hour of less talk and more rock - 'n tunes for a happenin' holiday! Paul Revere & The Raiders, Jerry & The Landslides, The Gruesomes, 50 Foot Hose, Jolly Green Giants, Wailers and more!

New Years Freak-Out! Featuring the Trees, Goliath et ses Philistines, Bit-A-Sweet, Steve Purdy & The Steeds and a whole host of freaky freak-outs!

Strawberry Jam! featuring the Fois de Bois, rich men, money men, and of course...freak outs!

Fantastic! Troggtastic!! with the Troggs, Ar-Kaics, The Village S.T.O.P. plus freakbeat, psych and garage, garage, garage!!!

The Fringe Factory..Turns you...ON! We say goodbye to the never to be forgotten Kim Fowley, check out some garage and mod bands of recent past years, hear the Animals and then Paul Revere & The Raiders doing the Animals and much more!

WHIG OUT! Hitches and Glitches at in our studio feed means we don't stream through WFMU - but we still bring music to you! Our Whig Out brings you tons of great new 60's influenced garage and psych as well as old faves from our record boxes!

The Fringe Factory goes...Where The Action Is! We start our show with a little tour of the North West, and move along to Australia, the UK, Spain, Greece - anywhere the action is!

Turn On! The Fringe Factory! The show gets going with the Music Machine and keeps on cranking it forward with the 10 Commandments, the Sorrows, and a brand new track from the Unclaimed, KITTY VALENTINE!

Buzzin' Like A Hornets Nest Kurtis Knight kicks off a killer show full of fuzz faves! The Phroggs, new music from the Shivas, David Clayton Thomas & The Shays, Daddy Long Legs and more!

Citizen Freak-Out! Starting it off with prairie punkers The 49th Parallel, and weirding out with The Jelly Bean Bandits, all the way to those South American beat Banditos, Los Mockers!

Droppin' the Easybeats an hour of power kickin' it off with the Easybeats, Thee Oh Sees from their latest LP, The High Learys, Knee Jerk Reactions, Kathy Lynn & The Playboys, Crawdaddies and many more old and new faves!

WAILIN! insanity ensures on a show that's sure to wake you up and shake you up! Sloths! Sound Reasons! Routes! Mourning Reign! Cynics! Oscar & The Magestics! and our custom blend new and old screamin' garage faves!

Haunts You! The Haunted lead the way with Woggles, Groupies, Quitty & The Don'ts,, Le Chelsea Beat and many more old and new haunting howls!

ACTION!!! Screams louder than words - the Litter let it all hang out along with the Mummies, Milkshakes, Kaisers, Second Helping and Jeanie & The Big Guys.

The Fringe Factory! guess which famous guy was in the band?, psych, garage, old, new!!!!

Shakes It! with new Ar-kaics, Loons, Routes, Thee Tsunamis and Nobel Krell plus 60's faves The Deep, Lemon Drops and The Neighb'r'hood Childr'n

Canadian and American The Fringe Factory salutes both countries' in a hallucinatory holiday celebration!

Voodoo Hoodoo Ring Dang Doo Doo! shake your mojo to the lykes of the High Spirits, Bryan Neal & The Checkmates, The Urges, I Bisonti, the Woggles and more Fringe Factory faves!

Rave in the Cave! Freaks of Nature, Pretty Things, Haunted, Neumans and of course much more garage!

Help! Our World Is Falling! Namelosers, Lords, Kinks, Sellwoods and many more winners!

Play Along with the Fringe Factory! Jon & The Vons, Wooley Bushmen, Troggs, Thanes, Sonics....

Garage Punk Knowns and Unknowns Deuces, Phantom Keys, Phantom Surfers, Mouse & The Traps, Bud & Cathy....

Crazy, Crazy Fringe Factory! The Fringe Factory takes you on a never ending time trip of garage and psych with a double dose of the Herd, the Animals, Squires and new music from The Torments and Paul Messis!

The Fringe Factory...now with added Satisfaction! Guaranteed! We're even more FUZZY and WILD on the Fringe Factory with The Zipps, Urges, Mourning Reign, The Cynics, Jon & The Vons and brand new material from The Wrong Society, Higher State and The Bristols from the forthcoming Stupid Punk Boy cassette on Girlsville Records!

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